In Jesus’ birth, God came down to earth for us. In “What Child Is This?” we see how Jesus, foretold by the prophets and confirmed by God as His own Beloved Son, is the Father’s ancient promise fulfilled. Born to save us from our sins, this lowly Child triumphed over sin and death to become our Saviour (also available in large print, and as a PDF [CLICK HERE].) Pick up a copy in the entryway and share the good news with a neighbour or friend. “Unusual and Unexpected” is an Advent family devotional helping prepare young and old for the arrival of the Christ child, and compliments “What Child is This?”. This resource is a great way to share the joy of advent with your child or grandchild! Hard copies are in the entryway, a PDF is available as well [CLICK HERE]. Both of these devotionals are presented from Lutheran Hour Ministries.

“The Seen Yahweh” is another daily Advent devotional (from Steadfast Lutherans) available for your personal devotions. This devotion focuses on seeing the Christ as He is revealed throughout the Old Testament. It is available for download [CLICK HERE]. If you would like a printed copy, please ask Pastor.